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waiting for you ******

by Fintoco.

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Whenever I look at Giovanni di Mola’s images, I get a wonderful feeling of quietness and I always feel assured that everything is well in life. It is a wonderful feeling. Giovanni uses natural light in a very poetic way, quietly restrained, never gimmicky. The people he photographs always look at peace with themselves, calm within, and that is the feeling that floods a person who looks at them. Giovanni is a young master of light and subtlety.

Portraits like these are extremely hard to do. To get the person to relax in front of the camera is a hard task, as any photographer knows, but Giovanni makes it look so easy, so natural. The light is always subtle on the subjects, caressing them gently and bringing out the best in them. I never tire of looking at them - the subjects never look distant. Giovanni's art is to make them real, very real, they are one of us, it could be me, or you, we can almost touch them and feel the flesh and that is exhilarating.

We truly love his work and hope to see lots more of it. RN

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WLTF: Where do you live?
GM: In Hudson,NY 2 hours north of NYC on the Hudson River..soon to be back in NYC in October!

WLTF: Why do you live there?
GM: Had to clear my head and clean up..and make Art.

WLTF: Is that where you were born?
GM: No, I was born in Astoria,Queens.NYC..moved up here 4 years ago.

WLTF: Why do you get out of bed?
GM: Appetite..Sun in eyes..need to jerk off.

WLTF: What inspires you?
GM: Men.Bodies..Art..Artists…Music…Dj’s..Dance..Dancers..B.O. Nature’s Cologne!

WLTF: What makes you angry?
GM: When technology goes wrong..eg..my camera..computer..printer…
The inability to produce Art because of $.
Disconnected people.

WLTF: What makes you happy?
GM: Connecting..on every level..physical..spiritual..mental.
Oh yeah and plain old snuggling.

WLTF: What colour are you?
GM: Red in the summer..Blue in the winter

WLTF: What animal are you?
GM: Part Wolf part Tiger..i guess a Wiger or Tolf.

WLTF: What number are you?
GM: 1

WLTF: What season are you?

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Pedro Camargo is an old (ish) friend, we met over the net around two years ago – because of his images. At the time he lived in São Paulo, and we talked a lot about art, photography and all that for hours on end, well into the early hours. I have always loved his work, especially the light and colours in the images. All of his images are very carefully constructed from a very intimate view of the world. Pedro turns himself inside-out and spills it on to the images. He thinks he is photocopying the cosmos, I think he is opening Pandora’s box, with lots of surprises still to come out.

His compositions are masterly worked out with a delicate feeling for colours and light. The abstract qualities of the images are akin to some of Caravaggio’s colour compositions. If you look beyond what is being portrayed in any of his images, and only when you do, that is when the image reveals itself in its full array of possibilities – portals that can take you in many exciting and different directions. RN

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WLTF: Where do you live?
PC: Golders Green, North of London. A big Jewish community, full of kosher restaurants and cafés. 10 minutes walking from the eerie and legendary Hampstead Heath. I find it all funny, and quite like it here.

WLTF: Why do you live there?
PC: When we got evicted from our last dwelling, I figured that I was tired of central London, and would like to spend some time around the bourgeoisie. Less tourists, more leisure. Besides that, it's really close to Camden Town and all that shit.

WLTF: Is that where you were born?
PC: No, I was born further south. Apparently it is high fashion to be a continental these days.

WLTF: Why do you get out of bed?
PC: Because there's nothing left to dream of. All the great dreams are gone. Someone else had them, published them, and now you buy its trinkets at the closest McDonalds.

WLTF: What inspires you?
PC: Have you ever considered your camera being a cosmic photocopier?

WLTF: What makes you angry?
PC: Have you ever considered that photography might not be an art but just an imitation? And if what you do is just photocopying the universe, and you are posting the information back to it: you might just be flooding existence with spam.

WLTF: What colour are you?
PC: China white, like the stars.

WLTF: What animal are you?
PC: A serpent.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, today we introduce to you Paul St. Paul, a multi talented artist, musician and performer. Based in London, Paul St. Paul’s music is a blast of pop-erudition that spreads in every direction. Strongly focused on the masquerade ball of gender politics, his lyrics are sticky treats that linger in the mind with a strong after-taste of unbridled licentiousness.

We asked him to send us some images to go with the interview, and true to form, Paul St. Paul sent us a series of aesthetically and conceptually rich images that are carefully considered and made specifically for WLTF.


WLTF: Where do you live?
PSP: London.

WLTF: Why do you live there?
PSP: Because it nurtures me, protects me, encourages me to grow.

WLTF: Is that where you were born?
PSP: No, it's where I was reborn.

WLTF: Why do you get out of bed?
PSP: So that I can continue dreaming.

WLTF: What inspires you?
PSP: How vast the Universe is and how little we still know, especially about our own micro-worlds. Discovering new possibilities, and exploring them. Seeing people overcoming the odds and winning.

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by zrep

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