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"I was astonished and delighted to see [WLTF’s] staggeringly eclectic portfolio of erotic photographs. This is exactly the explicit vision of bisexual responsiveness that I have been endorsing for my entire public life. It is, in fact, what an honest study of the history of art would and should lead anyone to. I love your exciting global project and send you the very best wishes for it."
Camille Paglia
@ Salon.com

What is WLTF?

WLTF is an original, international project without precedent that I run and edit independently with some help from very talented people from around the world.

It is an online project that will also become a publication on paper. I call it a magazine, but prefer to use it in inverted commas "magazine", because it is more than that, it is a gallery, a network, a platform, a publication and much more. I couldn't find a good enough term that could encompass everything, so magazine seemed like a good enough way to describe it.

WLTF is aimed purely at art photography and ideas that are about or deals in some way with sexual desire without being purely pornographic.

WLTF is about the subjective expression of our inner-most desires and all of the different readings that the juxtaposition of images and ideas can potentially generate.

Every online issue is dedicated to images only, and all of the work is edited in juxtaposition as opposed to linear editing by author. The print version will also have interviews, features and articles.

For the online version I collect a diverse range of images from the Internet, with the authors' permission and collaboration. The central concept of WLTF is to explore a notion of sexuality that goes beyond issues of gender and sexual preference. In its first 2 years of life WLTF has attracted contributors from all over the globe, which gives it a very strong international edge.

What is the editorial concept of the magazine?
WLTF is the main and only editorial concept of the magazine, it’s just that simple.

What does WLTF mean?
Well, It’s a play on the old WLTM dating acronym... you can work out the rest yeah? No? Ok, it means Would Like To Fuck.

Is it a porn magazine?
WLTF is primarily about desire, sexual desire, so does that make it porn? I don't know... The images are about what the contributors would like to fuck, but that could be anything, it could be human, animal, vegetable, object or anything else. It’s about desire, that’s it, desire and all of its subjectivity. Contributors just have to use their imagination and be honest about what their fetishes and fantasies are.

The magazine features mainly images of sexy people and their fantasies, photographed by sexy people and their fetishes. Once it is published it will be a beautifully printed sexy art publication for the discerning voyeur.

Is it a homo magazine?
No, it’s not homo or straight, or bisexual for that matter. I like the term omni-sexual or a sexuality that is present in everything, everywhere. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then sexiness is in the mind of the beholder.

And if I want to contribute?
Look at the brief for each edition and send in some images (1 to 6), low res for online publishing, and you don’t have to be an artist or photographer. You can send photos that were made with any type of image-making device. Have a look at the online issues and you will get the idea. The format of the paper magazine will be small - B5. It will be printed on ivory paper, in full colour.

The only work we won’t print are images that don’t fit into the concept of the magazine, and images that could be deemed illegal and/or offensive. The rest is fair game. Just use your common sense.

But also bear in mind that we don't censor images, or expect them to adhere to standards of "good taste", in fact we think good taste is one of the greatest enemies of free flowing creativity, but also, we will only publish what we like.

Who is the publisher?
At the moment there is no publishing house involved, WLTF is an independent project run by independent minded creative people. We started with the first issues online in order to show the world our ideas and to raise interest from prospective sponsors so that we can go to print.

Who are you?
My name is Rodrigo Novaes and I live in Berlin but I grew up in London, where I lived for most of my life. There I did a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree in visual arts. I moved to Germany in 2009 and I am studying for a Phd in Media and Communication at www.egs.edu.

Will I get paid if my images are published?
Well, for the first issues no. We look for contributors who are willing to allow their images to be published for no fee. However, we want contributors to grow with the project and eventually WLTF will pay a reasonable fee for contributions. All contributors have links to their sites and full credits. WLTF doesn't keep any of the copyright for images used, that remains full property of the author.

Well are you still interested? Then start by sending me some images, or by telling someone who you think might be interested.

Send images to: submit[at]wltf-mag.com

I WLTF... wouldn't you?

©WLTF 2009 all rights reserved.